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Chari Hensler Memorial Mural_edited.jpg

Murals are a great way to add character, fun, and authenticity to your home or business.  Adding an extra pop of color can really transform the area to make it feel more lively and uniquely yours. Because I make custom designs specifically catered to your color choices, inspiration ideas, and area size, I can guarantee that you'll be far more satisfied with a custom mural than just picking up a vinyl off big name companies. 

Why install a mural in your home or business?
How much does a Mural cost?

Every mural price is unique and individual to the project. There are several factors that make up the price of a mural, including size, complexity, and location. The price of the mural takes everything into account, including the cost of design, revisions, and supply costs. Murals located outside the Cedar City/St. George UT area may include costs of travel.  

How long does a mural install take? 

The time it takes to complete a mural largely depends on its size and the complexity of the design. I like to book out projects at least 3 weeks before I come to paint the mural, so I have time to create a perfect design, do any necessary revisions, and buy supplies.


I really enjoy working alongside my clients to make a perfect design for your space. To accomplish this, we will set up a preliminary video call to discuss your ideas for the project, look at the wall space in question, and discuss the budget for the project. If you are ready to move forward, we will both sign a short agreement, and I'll get started making preliminary sketches. Over the next several weeks, we will keep in contact as I refine the sketches and designs until we are both satisfied with the perfect one! 

What to expect
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