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Meet the Artist

Hi, I'm Baylee Wiener! 

I've been absolutely in love with creating art since before I can remember. I always knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, and I am so excited that I get to make art everyday professionally. 

I am passionate about color, energy, and storytelling within artwork, and am a graduate of SUU with a BFA in Illustration. 

As a Southern Utah native, I love being out in nature, hiking, backpacking, skiing, you name it! I also love hand making chocolate candies and weekends with my husband and family. 

Welcome to Murals by Baylee

Murals by Baylee was born from a love of art and people. From brand new nursery rooms to giant National Parks for shopping centers, I believe that bright, colorful murals can bring vibrancy and life to any space. 

My mission is to help you create something astounding, something original, and something completely YOU! Let's combine my expertise and passion with your vision and walls to create something amazing!

What can I do for you?

Murals Transform Spaces.  Simple as that. 

Let's take your business from okay to amazing! 

Adding a mural to your business is a great way to help the space feel more friendly and inspiring. Whether it's in a main shopping area or office space, a mural is a great way to bring life into an otherwise austere environment. 

My approach to creating murals for you is very personable. I design all of my murals to reflect the company they represent. From squiggly abstracts and florals to impressive and structured landscapes, I'm your girl!

I am personally invested in all of the murals I help create. You can count on me to make each mural a perfect piece of art and suited to your needs!

Because of my long experience in the business of creating, I can help fill the creative gaps you might be missing. Want a mural but don't know what or where? Let's chat about it! I absolutely love a good puzzle and am ready to help you make something magical!

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